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5 simple steps to recycling done right


Yara Bakker

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.
This short sentence has become the catchphrase of many sustainability-oriented advertising campaigns. While these campaigns succeed at raising awareness about the issue of waste, they often lack specific instructions about how to solve the problem. In our first blog, we will provide some tips to help you optimise your waste management at home.

While going ‘Zero Waste’ is a time-consuming commitment that not many can afford to make, there are plenty of other ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Efficient waste management at home significantly contributes to solving the issue of pollution, and it does not need to be complicated. Here are 5 simple steps to recycling done right.

  1. Consult the website of your municipality
  2. Place the instructions where you can find them
  3. Learn the meaning of waste disposal icons
  4. Invest in designated waste collection containers
  5. Have us pick up your remaining waste at home

Consult the website of your municipality

Every municipality has a localised approach to their waste collection and disposal. Usually, the website of your municipality provides its citizens with detailed information on the proper way to recycle their waste. Therefore, it is important to look into the specific instructions for your city. This might prevent you from putting in unnecessary effort.
Afval website gemeente

For example, you are not required to separate used plastic packaging, cans and beverage containers in Rotterdam, while you are advised to do so in Den Haag.

Place the instructions where you can find them

If you do not want to go through the hassle of looking up how to properly dispose of your waste for every item, it is important that you place the recycling instructions where you can find them. Ideally, this is near your garbage bin. Efficient waste management is all about reducing the amount of daily effort that you need to put into the practice.

Simply printing out the instructions and placing them where you can find them when in need of this information enables you to see at a glance where an item goes. Is your phone always within reach? Then digitising the process is a good solution. By downloading the mobile application of Milieucentraal, you always carry detailed instructions with you. An additional benefit of using this handy app is that you save the resources required for printing.

Afval iconen

Learn the meaning of waste disposal icons

Often, recycling properly is a lot easier than you would expect. Most product packages actually tell you how to dispose of them the right way by means of simple icons. However, consumers are often unaware of their meaning. Therefore, they put unnecessary effort into finding out where an item has to go by themselves – an utter waste of time!

By learning the meaning of these icons once, you prevent yourself from doing double work in the future. You can download the Weggooiwijzer here for a complete overview of all icons, together with a concise explanation of what they stand for.

Invest in designated waste collection containers

While knowing how to separate your waste is undoubtedly important, it is vital that you create the opportunity to conveniently do so at home. A one-time investment can help you simplify the task of separating your waste. Custom-sized duo trash cans, electric composters, you name it!

Hereby, it is important that you place these containers in a convenient place. For example, small bins meant for collecting food scraps should go in the kitchen, as you will not want to have to repeatedly walk to the utility room while cooking.

Vuilnisbakken afval scheiden

Have us pick up your remaining waste at home

Byewaste has been founded to help Dutch citizens recycle their waste more efficiently by collecting textiles, books, e-waste and toys at home. You can make an appointment in the app to have these items picked up at your door at a time that fits your schedule for free. Then, we donate or recycle them properly. This saves you a trip to the waste collection point every time you use the application.

Isn’t our service available in your hometown yet? We are growing quickly and are still in the process of initiating contact with Dutch municipalities. Expressing your interest in using our service to your municipality might help to speed up this process. We would be very grateful for your support in the transition toward a circular economy!

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