Byewaste is the simplest solution to give a second life to the clutter around you.

We collect the items you no longer use for free, simply with a pick-up-request. Then, we donate or recycle them properly.

Did you know?

How it works

Simplified recycling. There is no need to complicate something that should be simple!

1. Collect all your unwanted items

(electronics, clothes, toys, books, and more)

2. Put them in a box or bag

(you don’t have to separate the different categories of objects)

3. Schedule a pick up

(choose the most convenient day for free pickup and relax. We will arrive soon!)

Fight waste.
Help your community.
Make an impact.
Get involved!

We make the fight against waste an act of peaceful everyday life, where recycling and re-use of products is a “first-to-mind” thought. Join our mission to change people’s perspective on what a sustainable lifestyle means and become one of the Byewaste ambassadors!

The Team

We are crazy about the environment! We are circular economy experts,
engineers, designers, and we make an impact. 

Tommaso Troiani

CEO, Co-Founder

Francisco Rivera

COO, Co-Founder

Riccardo Testa

CTO, Co-Founder

Maarten de Goede

Lead Developer

Melina Papadioti

Brand Manager

Usman Siddiqui

Student Developer

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